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Registered Guernsey Goats

Our Guernseys:

We raise registered British and American Guernsey goats, a rare, British breed. We love their quiet, docile temperament, medium size build, and sweet, rich milk. They are hardy and do well in our Maine climate!
Our goats are raised with regular herbal supplements to encourage their strong immune systems, parasite resistance, easy kidding, milk production and hardy kids. They also receive additional supplemental Copper and Selenium due to our area's deficiency. The herd is rotated through out 8+ acres of pasture during the growing season, and we are fencing in more pasture each season!  This keeps parasite problems to a minimum as well as allows healthy growth for our pastures.
Our herd is sample tested yearly for CL, CAE and Johne's disease, we only purchase from tested herds.
  We are clean tested as of Oct. 2021 our entire herd of goats and sheep tested NEGATIVE for CL, CAE, OPP and Johne's.**
Our entire herd is registered with the British Goat Society as we actively work to breed up and preserve this beautiful and unique breed of goat.
A quick introduction to our herd: Stumphollo Jeroboam "Bo" and VIIAcreWood Magic "Rudy", are our herd sires.
Our leading ladies are: LDFarms Delta, Stumphollo Debutante "Deb",LDFarms Olive, Treasured Rosegold "Ivy",  Treasured Shimmer "Ruth", LDFarms Heidi, Quatroviento Bonita, Quatroviento Gem, and LDFarms Peachsncream.
We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association, and the British Goat Society. For more information on this rare, sweet breed visit GGBoA at: 

Foundation does (mother and daughter)
Bo, BG/Purebred Guernsey #BG000752D
twin kids
Delta, Olive, Gingersnap, Breeding stock Does
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