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Heritage Poultry & Eggs

Heritage Poultry

What is a “Heritage Breed”? ... By their definition a “heritage chicken” is one “hatched from a heritage egg sired by an American Poultry Association Standard breed established prior to the mid-20th century, is slow growing, naturally mated and with a long productive outdoor life.”

Freedom Ranger Chickens ( meat birds) come in two colors: tri-colored or red feathered. They also have yellow shanks, skin, and beaks, making them reasonably recognizable among flocks.

 These birds are also moderately fast growers and can reach 5 to 6 lbs. in just 9 to 11 weeks. We find that Freedom Ranger Chickens are a great alternative to fast-growing broiler chickens or slow-growing heritage breeds.

These birds will naturally thrive when they’re allowed to free-range, scratch, and take dust baths in natural sunlight. As a result, you’ll have tender, succulent meat that contains more yellow Omega-3 fat and less saturated fat than other fast-growing breeds.

Pasture raised chickens at Depot Street meats

Each year we raise a few big batches of Freedom Rangers, "an active, robust chicken suitable for free-ranging, foraging, and pasturing. They like to spend the day scratching and dust-bathing in the sunlight. Freedom Ranger chickens produce tender, succulent meat with high levels of omega 3 fats and low levels of saturated fat." (

Our chicken is pastured from 5 weeks on and supplemented with local grains fermented in goat's milk and whey from our cheesemaking.





We have added Quarters, wings, thighs, drumsticks, and boneless breasts, to the line-up, along with our juicy whole chickens. There is definitely something for everyone in the poultry freezer. Come check out what a chicken in your pot or on your grill should taste like! Click here for current prices 

NEW FOR 2023!!

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