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Kidding plans 2024
We plan to retain select doelings for our breeding up program, but have some reservations available. 
Bucklings of BG and HB2 status
will be made available as well.


LDFarms Delta SR


*Delta has earned her retirement: birthing and caring for 15 kids, and providing us with 100s of gallons of milk, she'll finish out her days in the pasture and keeping the herd in line. Her genetics have added fast growing kids, excellent foraging and parasite resistance, steady milk for 10 months/year and great udder construction to our herd*


Stumphollo Debutante "Deb" HB1

Turning Page Elm BG
(kids will be HB2)
Kidded: 3/3/24

Single Doeling--retained

*Heavy Golden Guernsey pedigree (Only one Alpine outcross), easy keeper, parasite resistant, keeps condition and produces with minimal grain, heavy milk production.*


Quatroviento Bonita SR


Stumphollo Jeroboam

(doelings will be FB)

Kidded 3/2/24

Twin Doelings--retained (one horned, one polled)


*Golden Guernsey Grandsire, beautifully put together doe, tall, long and lovely personality. Polled. Udder is not show quality but she is a fabulous milker*


Treasured Sunrise Rosegold "Ivy" BG
Stumphollo Jeroboam BG
(kids will be BG)
Kidded: 2/29/24

Triplets: 2 bucklings 1 doeling

Bucklings: growing out to determine herd sire quality.

*Fast growing kids, does well on forage, high parasite resistance, steady milk supply, very good udder construction and capacity, excellent mother, fantastic personality.*

GGA Ardelia Olive x VIIacrewood Magic "Rudy"
Treasured Sunrise Shimmer " Ruth"

LDFarms Olive SR
Stumphollo Jeroboam
Kidded: 2/22/24
Twin Bucklings--available: "Toffee and Brownie"

Registerable with ADGA: $400

*Fast growing kids, parasite resistant, and excellent foraging lines. Excellent production for 10 months and udder construction*

Treasured Sunrise Shimmer
"Ruth" HB2
Turning Page Elm
(kids will be BG)
Due: March 12, 2024
Twin bucklings: solid dark gold available.

Dark gold with white forehead: reserved 
Bucklings: $600

*Smaller framed doe is a steady producer with a long lactation, she has a will to milk, high parasite resistance, excellent mother, fantastic personality.*


LDFarms Heidi HB2
VIIAcreWood Magic "Rudy" BG
(kids will be HB2)
Kidded: 3/5/24

Single Buckling-retained

*Heidi is Debutante's doeling from 2021.  She has raised 3 big, hardy bucklings and this will be her 4th. She is a very good milk producer, excellent stand manners, udder construction is lacking in front connection though.

Quatroviento Gem SR
VIIAcrewood Magic "Rudy" BG
(kids will be FB)
Kidded 3/14/24
Doeling: retained

Buckling: Registerable with ADGA $400 

*Gem's sire is British Guernsey Stumphollo Landmark and dam is a registered Oberhasli.  She has a solid build, excellent legs and fantastic udder; easy to milk and excellent producer.

Kids are available after 4 weeks of being dam raised if you desire to bottle feed, otherwise, all kids are available to leave the farm at 8 weeks old.  If purchasing one kid, you must have other goats. A single goat is an unhappy, loud, escape artist!  A wether may be available to purchase ($200) as a buddy for your doeling or buckling.  Bucklings must have a wether or buckling buddy and should not be kept with a doeling.  We aim to have our doelings first freshen at 14-16 months if she is growing well.  Guernseys are a slow-growing, heritage breed and breeding later is safest for them.  All of our goats have free-choice access to fresh water, local grass hay, minerals, kelp, and are given herbal supplementation as needed. They are rotated through our 8+ acres of pasture throughout the growing season. Our milkers are fed a ration of local grains.

Prices and registrations are subject to conformation and breed standard assessments.
Sales include: BGS registration and wethering if applicable. We are happy to mentor if you desire and will provide necessary paperwork information if you desire to register with ADGA, but all costs are your responsibility.
We do not disbud but we will schedule it for you to have it done by an experienced goatherd at an additional cost.
We accept payment via PayPal (friends and family) and Cash.

**Dates and sires are subject to change until actual breeding**
​**We reserve the right to retain from any breeding.**

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