Katahdin Sheep

 Katahdins are a hair sheep. They shed out their winter coats and have less lanolin than wool sheep, making the   Katahdin meat mild. We currently offer pastured lamb meat shares, and in 2021 we will have state inspected cuts  available of our pastured lamb.

 The Katahdin is selected to be an efficient meat producing sheep adapted to a wide variety of environments.  While the winter coat provides enough protection for the sheep to thrive in cold climates, their short, hair coat allows them to tolerate the heat and humidity of warmer regions. Katahdins demonstrate greater parasite resistance than commercial wooled breeds, and research is underway to document other performance characteristics.

 Our Katahdin ram is registered from Waldoview Farm in Winterport, ME and our ewes are commercial stock from California.

Pasture raised Katahdin Sheep

Abe, Iris and Buttercup, our Purebred Katahdin breeding trio.

Depot street meats lamb
  • All Natural

  • No Antibiotics

  • No Hormones

  • Maine State Inspected

  • Grass Fed and Grass Finished on our farm in Maine